Bello Fortis - About
Bello Fortis is a story of people who are learning to love themselves. It revolves around one teenager, who is constantly picked on for his stammering, and his discovery of a Live Action Roleplaying (LARP) group that instantly accepts and embraces him. Amongst his new comrades, he slowly learns that he is not the only one who has trouble loving himself.

Name: Demos
Mundane Name: Fred
Age: 16
Class: Scout
Bio: Demos is self-conscious to the point that he often doesn’t say what he’s thinking. This is changing due to his best friend Cooper, and his new friends in the Shire of Frozen Caves. Before joining Bello Fortis, he spent most of his time trying not to be called on in class, and browsing the internet’s many RPG websites. Roleplaying has been his escape, and because of it, he wishes to pursue acting.

Name: Broseidon
Mundane Name: Cooper
Age: 16
Class: Barbarian
Bio: Broseidon’s mouth works faster than his brain and sometimes, it can get him into trouble, but can get him out just as fast. He began hanging out with Demos because he felt like he could act as watchful bodyguard, but stuck around for Demos’ sincerity. He’s very good at getting girls, but very bad at keeping them.

Name: Sir Crimgar
Mundane Name: Clarence
Age: 22
Class: Bard
Bio: Crimgar is the Sheriff of Frozen Caves. A Knight of the Arts, he is always ready to overindulge. He is happiest when with his brothers and sisters in arms, but he seems to have a dark past with rival park, Achilles’ Hill, a park he helped create.

Name: Zamblegalf (Z)
Mundane Name: Jake
Age: 17
Class: Wizard
Bio: Z divides his time between his duties as a theatre tech, and building weapons and garb for Bello Fortis. He is Crimgar’s squire, and thus, is his whipping boy. But it’s hard to find job that he isn’t willing to do, for anyone!

Name: Mindy
Age: 15
Class: Lawn Gnome
Bio: Mindy, brought into all of this by Broseidon’s seduction, doesn’t really participate in any of the fighting. But she’s always game for a drink and a story.







Name: Vespa
Mundane Name: Maximilian
Age: 21
Class: Warrior
Bio: Vespa and Crimgar used to be really close. Used to be.

Name: Nabi
Mundane Name: Lilly
Age: 16
Class: Archer
Bio: Nabi is a wannabe stage-magician who is not very good at keeping her secrets. She always lets people know what she wants, and she usually gets it!


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